Parenting among African-American low-income mothers required the values of respect and responsibilities. Its from problems that issues analyzed to  deal with the depression in single parent homes. However unemployment,under paid jobs, an absent parent, and implies low education are factors cause for children stress level rising as well as the parents.

As a parent, it’s required to make sure education, financial support, and self-actualization is implemented in order for a woman to transition into motherhood. This process may well be difficult for first time mothers to be.

For example, (Levine) interviewed a young African mother, Michelle Brown. Her kids father was absent in their lives. Michelle Brown explained the struggle of raising her kids without a father.She looks beyond her pain in order to maintain the comfort of raising her children.  Michelle talks about  maintaining self respect as the ingredient up bring and raising children alone.

According to the 2010 United States racial statistics between 7-79% racial population of children in single parenting homes by race percent has acknowledged that Non-Hispanic White are at the low 24%, and African-Americans are at the highest of 66%. Any other race are in between those numbers.  But a two parent household has a better chance of a stress-free environment then a single parent home according to researchers.

The voices should be respected of parents regarding attitude, beliefs, and parental involvement.Also subsequent supporter and mentor of the child. Poverty is severe and widespread in single mother families. Census Bureau recently released data on poverty in 2010 shows the inclined of people in single mother homes.The poverty rate is much higher for single mother families than other households. It records 42.2% poverty rate for  single mother homes were almost three times the 15.1% rate of the population as a whole. Which were more than four times the 10.1% rate of people in married couples family. However statistics  have encounter single mothers education background inclined as a result of an unmarried child born. This is affected by lower education,   experience instability living arrangements, emotional behavior and dependency of welfare  are between ages 16-25 years of age. Three-fourth of the black children is raised in a disturbed home with an absent father. The stress creates an imbalanced home especially for boys.

In my opinion, a child may not understand, strive, and sympathize through sacrifices a mother makes to attend their needs. But the reflection towards a great future would be more rewarding. When the values and respect are introduce to the child early on in life, the mother can only hope the child openly received these rewards.


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