The process of  changed endures the mind. While thinking logical and reacting on instincts, is very much essential to individuals everyday lives. (William Stern 8) perception on  “human intelligence contributes the ability that developed  individually. It takes a great mind for human intelligence to be discovered. Can two people adapt to new situations with different approaches referred to the Other Wes Moore Story? Well maybe if their intentions are maybe ethical nor unethical. This can caused one or both to rise or fall. This  path of change has to be acknowledged in attempt to classify and organized a set of events. Can you understand why and how an event of change can occur according to the (Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology).  What was the worse thing anyone has ever done to you?

Choices are based on the theory of people making the rational decisions. However by being descriptive, the normality of the way an individual proceed alerts the social human behavior. Personality is drawn to accomplished change by training the mind. This experienced of observation is decided to structure the thought process.  It informs the mind to react on making decisions adapting to arranged lives which leads to learning and observing.  This can be determine whether adaptation can help to understand and involved socioeconomic of inequality or equality.

What it means to achieve the specific goals rationally and taking accountability for any actions. The Justice System contemporary influence in governing the law to certainly maintain order of what the consequence is subject to punishment. Therefore, decision making means sane in a clear headed state of mind, as individuals act immoral about the actions that maximize their choices. The mind is a powerful tool which is capable of processing so much information so I ask this question: What was the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?

The Other Wes Moore Novel considered, “These families going through a lot especially Wesley Moore. He took a turn for the better to do what matter the most and that was to get his head on the right path. It took another country for him to realize that living in Baltimore and the Bronx weren’t as bad as living in South Africa. So learning to appreciate home and breaking the law was a life learns experience that made him a better man”.

 The best way to analyzed change is to detect, delay, and deter which is the solution to the prevention of crime. Making changes  involves motivating and setting goals.An excellent way to achieving a successful prosperity undergoing life. Change is among individual and a sociable community.

Visualizing What You Want? Knowing what those Goals Are? And Enjoying the Change for the Better!


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